Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day in the life of Curren the Terrible!

This post is dedicated to all things Curren,  little devil child.  (But one only a mother could love!)  He's in the throws of the terrible twos!  UGH, Double UGH and Screaming UGH!

Yesterday morning, I got him out of bed and dressed then told him to head downstairs to play with his brothers while I changed into my workout clothes.  I found him standing by our fireplace with a large bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal.  He had pulled the cereal out of the pantry, carried the box along with the step stool over to the cabinet where his bowls are stored.  (Thank heavens he can't reach the milk!)

About a half hour after breakfast I found him with a granola bar.  He once again got into our pantry grabbed a granola bar and grabbed some child scissors from the "craft" cabinet and opened the packaging.

Note to self:  Must buy lock for pantry door.

Later that morning we headed to Kohl's so I could buy Aidan some new church shoes.  We walked in and I proceeded to grab one of their shopping carts that have the child seat attached, but the first one I grabbed happened to have two seats.  Since neither Kellen or Aidan need to sit in one of the seats I started to grab a single cart.  However, Curren had other plans and wanted Kellen to sit in the two-seater with him and when I said no he started SCREAMING at the top of his lungs.

Like a good conscientious mother that I am grabbed him kicking and screaming and walked out of the store until he calmed down.  A few minutes later we headed back in the store and I decided to let him run around the store like a wild banshee.

It's now getting close to lunchtime and I still need to go grocery shopping so I decided to take the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  They happened to have balloons for the kids and of course Curren is more concerned with where his balloon is stored for safety than eating lunch.  And then once I finally get him eating he remembers there is a child's play section and jumps down from his chair and walks over to the entrance of the playroom.  Thankfully Kellen was about done with lunch and took Curren in there with him.

Being the kind mom that I am, I let them play in the playroom for a little while, but Curren for the first time has figured out how to actually climb the climbing contraption that they have and is now at the top of the play structure refusing to come down and is of course afraid of the slide.  Thank heavens for older brothers because Aidan climbed to the top and pulled Curren down from the structure.  While I'm at the bottom bribing him with ice cream.  (I was not planning on buying them ice cream, but now must because I'm an honest mom as well.)

We now finally head over to the grocery store where Curren loves to ride in those obnoxiously HUGE kid-friendly shopping carts.  However, like a typical obnoxious 2 year old wants to get out of the cart halfway through my shopping and insists on helping me pull the cart.  I'm thankful for his help, but I proceed to practically run him over several times.  At least there was no screaming involved.

Later, after naptime we go outside to play with our neighborhood friends.  He really loves playing with the boys his age, but like a typical 2 year old doesn't enjoy sharing and always wants what his friends are playing with.  We have a few screaming fits that afternoon as well.

That evening I gave Curren and Kellen a bath.  While I changed into my pj's Curren decided to dump water out of the tub.  Fun times!

We had donuts for our FHE treat.  It was a 2 donut night for me.
Love the kid, but the terrible twos, threes and fours are not my fav!

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