Monday, May 25, 2009

10 months!

This past month just whizzed by. Curren is officially 10 months old today. He's such a cutie and really starting to show and tell us his preferences. I think about 3 teeth are coming in at the same time so he's drooling big time. And he's trying soooooo hard to crawl. He's such a wiggle worm that I hope he crawls soon. Actually with all the progress he's made over the last few days I wouldn't be surprised if he starts crawling by the end of the week. His two older brothers didn't crawl until they were 11 months so I haven't been expecting him to crawl any sooner. However, I'm sure he gets so frustrated seeing his brothers running around while he's plopped down with all his toys.

When I took some pictures of him this evening he was being such a ham. Everytime my mom and I would take a picture of him he'd make a silly face. Here are a few of them...typical Curren style...what a cutie!

Some catching up to do....

I seem to take pictures or receive pictures and then forget to post them so here goes:

A couple of weeks ago, Rick took the two older boys on a father/son campout. They had a good time, but not the absolute best experience. They got rained on and to make matters worse, there's a coal train that goes by every 20 minutes or so and where they camped (at our Stake President's barn....lots and lots of acres of land) is close to a crossing so the train had to honk it's horn every....single....time. Can you say tired? Oh well, still fun for the most part.

And a few days ago a couple of deer decided to stop by our neighborhood while on their morning stroll. They were so close to our house, but when I called Rick and Kellen over, Aidan was jumping up and down and scared them. They must have really good hearing. Anyway, they wandered over to our neighbor's yard and eventually jumped the fence and walked around in their yard for several minutes. It was amazing to watch. I will never tire of seeing all the wildlife roaming our 'hood.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roxborough State Park

Amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring are some of the words that come to mind when I think about our hike in Roxborough State Park this afternoon. It was a perfect day, pretty warm, a slight breeze, but tolerable. It's a great time to be out and about in nature in Colorado. Spring is so beautiful! Everything is turning green, wildflowers are blooming, weather's great.....
We immediately saw deer at the beginning of our hike. (You can barely see them in this picture, but they are right up against the scrub oak.)

Right near the car the boys noticed this fox standing about 10 feet away from them! Amazing! The fox is obviously used to people since he didn't even flinch while Rick took this picture. The boys even saw him catch something and eat it. Pretty cool!

Misc. weekend pictures

Saturday was my birthday (and a great birthday it was). I got to go on a run (and walked a little too) all by my lonesome (while listening to some great music....remember Book of Love, Bow wow wow, Metallica?), got a mani-pedi with a girlfriend and went out to a fabulous dinner (thanks David) with Rick. Plus a few friends stopped by to give me some stuff too. My neighbor made me this cake (she's so crafty...and very talented):
I also took some pictures of Curren and Kellen while Curren was taking his bath this morning. It was so funny, I walked into the laundry room to start Curren's bath (he bathes in our utility sink) and got sidetracked with something so I walked out of the room (all this while holding Curren) he started crying and screaming. I couldn't figure out why he was so mad until I realized he knew what was coming and he was pissed off I stopped getting his bath ready. So just to test it out I walked back into the laundry room, he stopped crying, I walked back out of the laundry room and he starts screaming again. The kid loves his baths! Soooo cute!

Aidan's field day

Aidan's field day was last Friday. (Can you believe school gets out at the end of May? Of course he only has a 5 week summer break before he enters 2nd grade.) Thankfully the weather cooperated. Here are a few pics.:

All but one were action shots of his back, but you get the idea. (And sorry to all you Californians...he's already a true Coloradoan - Broncos jerseys as well as Nuggets jerseys. Oh well, The Nuggets are in the playoffs!)