Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A post with no name

Playing a little bit of catch up again. Aidan finished his first basketball season and as a parent I LOVED it. What a great and exciting sport. And not only that, we don't have to contend with weather...well unless there is a blizzard and no one can go anywhere. Practice and games are always inside and the rec. center who organized his season is so on top of things. I'm very impressed and really hope Aidan wants to play again.
I think he really enjoys it, until it's game time. He gets so nervous thinking everyone is staring at him. So every Saturday I have to re-remind him that no one except his family is paying attention to him. (Unless of course he has the ball.) And actually one Saturday in particular he did get the ball and took it down court and ended up passing it. I did notice his little face was bright red. Poor little guy, he's my extra shy one. Too cute.

Anyway, his team had a great season and his coach was the best. So supportive and definitely knew her stuff.

Also, in February his class and D-track class had a musical performance which was also great. What cute songs about some American Heroes. I forgot my regular camera so I could only take a couple of group pics with my iphone.

Aidan's in the 2nd row behind the boy in the suit.

Curren thoroughly enjoying the performance. It was that good. He even sang along too.

And lastly, a picture of my favorite boys. They were all sitting on the couch together just waiting for me to take a picture. How could I not?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kellen and the tooth

Kellen lost his first tooth, but he didn't even know it. He was walking by me this morning and I noticed something different. So I told him to open his mouth and low and behold there's now a little space where his tooth used to be.

When I asked him where his tooth was he had no idea, but he and Rick headed upstairs and looked in his bed. Behold! The tooth appeareth. Such a cutie! He looked scared because he thought he lost it thinking he was in trouble. Thankfully the tooth fairy is very forgiving and would've given his some money anyway.