Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

The kids had spring break last week and with the weather being so nice for most of the week we took advantage of it! Last Monday we were supposed to get a big storm...about 4-12" of snow, but when we woke up in the morning it was maybe an inch or two. However, being that it was the only cold day we spent most of the day indoors. The kids helped me bake and frost sugar cookies. I love doing stuff like that with the boys, but everytime I make sugar cookies I remember why I don't make them very often. They are so labor intensive and I hate rolling out the dough. Besides, personally I'd much rather have a good chocolate chip cookie anyday!

Here are some pictures of the boys helping out:

Tuesday we went to see Horton Hears a Who with some friends. What a cute movie and it was the first one where Kellen actually wanted to stay in the theater. I highly recommend this movie for any of your young' uns.

Wednesday we met some friends at the Denver Zoo. Once again it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun seeing all the animals and running around. My friend Theresa (whom I met at Adobe and now lives in Denver) met us there as well. She was looking for an excuse to go to the zoo:) Here are some pictures of the boys having fun with their friends and each other:

I realize this post is turning into a synopsis of our week, but we've been doing a lot and I haven't really posted in a while so bear with me:)

Thursday, hmm Thursday what did we do? Oh ya, Aidan had a playdate with a friend who lives in The Meadows, but he originally met him at Tae Kwon do. They now have soccer together too. They had fun playing in the dirt mounds next door to us. I didn't get any pictures from that day, but here are some pictures of Aidan and Kellen enjoying the dirt. (I'm kind've hoping they don't build a house next to us... we have a built in "playground" right now. It's great! What boy wouldn't have fun with dirt. Rick even takes his bike and goes "mound riding".

Friday, sorry no pictures with this one either, but I took the kids to the rec. center so they could go swimming in the leisure pool. As always they have a blast, but unfortunately everyone else had the same idea too. It was pretty crowded. Makes me nervous trying to keep an eye on Kellen, but they don't seem to mind. (I don't have a bathing suit so I couldn't venture into the water with them.)

Friday evening I got to hit the town and have dinner with my old neighbor Hope. She was in town with her mom who's a phenomenal artist and had some of her quilts displayed in a gallery in Denver. Great times! Loved the food, loved the company.

Saturday my brother arrived for a quick visit with his Colorado relatives (which is growing rapidly I must say. It makes it nice and easy for him to visit. Soon his whole family will be here.) We took the kids to the park and drove around Castle Rock so he could see how much it's changed over the years. When I lived in Colorado as a child Castle Rock was not much more than "the rock" and I had no desire to live here, but now I find it a great place to live. A lot like Morgan Hill for all you Californians out there. (I probably mentioned that before.)

We had a great, low-key Easter too. The kids received goodies and gifts from the Easter Bunny and had fun finding all the eggs "he" hid. Once again, more pictures....

After church in our Sunday best. Don't the boys look cute in their matching outfits?

My brother David with his nephews:

Love this picture of us siblings as I don't think we have one of us. At least not as adults. But honestly those 13 lbs. I've gained so far don't look too great in this picture. At least it's for a good cause. Plus it was the end of the evening and my make-up was just about non-existent. Ya, ya I know, complain, complain.... (In order of oldest to youngest).

The Scott clan...

I don't like this picture much either (because of me, not Rick), but we hardly have any pictures of just us so I posted it anyway.

One last thing, the weekend of the 15th The Meadows (the area in Castle Rock where we live) held an Eggstravaganza event for the families. There were numerous egg hunts divided by age groups and other fun activities. The kids had fun hunting for their eggs and going down the big inflatable slide. More pics. for your enjoyment....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a....

healthy baby...at least from the ultrasound. It was the longest ultrasound I've ever had. I don't know if it's because the tech. was being more thorough because of my age...making sure she didn't detect any abnormalities or if the technology is that much better 4 years later. Who knows. Anyway, are you dying to know what we're having yet? Is the anticipation getting to you? I'm sure many of you are hoping it's a girl since we have two boys, so we can experience what it's like, right? We're having......another boy! Yep, that's right! I think I just heard a whole bunch of sighs across the internet, but the important thing is that it's a healthly baby.

Now, we've just got to figure out a name! This time it may come down to the wire because we really haven't given it much thought and nothing is jumping out at me. Any ideas? I may post a poll like a friend of mine did on her blog so look for that.

In other news, we're all settled in our house and loving it. It's nice to have a place to call home again and we're looking forward to the landscaping being done so it'll really look nice outside. We have some great neighbors with lots of little kids (closer to Kellen's age) and mostly boys. Hey, maybe we can start a baseball team with all the boys in the neighborhood.