Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute story!

This afternoon me and the younger boys met Aidan at the bus stop. As he and his friend Chase approached us, Chase blurted out, "Aidan swallowed his tooth (a loose one) at lunch today and was crying." So Aidan filled in the details. His friend at school gave him a Laffy Taffy (hate that stuff) and it yanked his tooth out and he swallowed it. He was really, really upset because he didn't think the tooth fairy would leave any money for him since he no longer had a tooth to leave for her. I explained to him all he needs to do is write her a note and I'm sure she'll leave him the money.

Poor little guy. When I got home from the doctor's office this afternoon (btw, Kellen is in the clear to resume normal life after his surgery) there was a missed called from the school. (Don't like seeing that because you don't know what that means....serious, not serious.....) Anyway, I guess it was his teacher calling me, probably hoping I'd be able to talk to Aidan and calm him down and let him know the tooth fairy will still leave him money.

Don't you wish life were so simple? The innocence of childhood.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kellen is a trooper!

My sweet, sweet Kellen had surgery on Wednesday. He needed to have his tonsils and adenoids removed, have ear tubes put in and turbinate performed on his nose. (It shrinks the mucus membranes in his nose.)
Considering all the things done to him he's doing really well and had finally started to gain a bit of an appetite. He told me this afternoon he was hungry (music to my ears). And ate a bowl and a half of ice cream.
It's so hard seeing one of your kids in pain and I feel so helpless, but knowing this should prevent further sicknesses and other breathing problems two weeks being on the down-low should be no problem.

He was trying to be so brave at the surgical center. He was crying a bit, but was trying so hard to hold it in. He's so sweet! I just love him to pieces. I was able to walk back with him to the OR while they put him to sleep. Although they had given him "happy juice" before hand and he was pretty relaxed being wheeled in to the OR it was hard for me to watch him being put to sleep. (Kids his age they use gas.) Broke my heart seeing him struggle for a few seconds trying to push the mask away from his face.
Before the "happy juice" trying to be so brave. Gotta love my bunny suit.

After the "happy juice" kicked in and before he was wheeled into the OR.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aidan's special day

Today was a very special day for our family. Aidan was baptized! He was really excited (and a little nervous) and surprised at how fast that actual baptismal ordinance was. (He actually said, "that was fast" as he came up out of the water.)
We are so proud of Aidan for choosing to be baptized and for setting a great example to his brothers and his friends. Congratulations Aidan! We love you!
(Unfortunately we took this picture before my sis arrived)

Proud Mama and Papa bear
A few of Aidan's friends and classmates who came to support him
Oh yeah, we have a little Cub Scout in our midst too