Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 months old today!

Can you believe it? Curren is 3 months old today. Time has gone by so fast and it's really starting to get fun. (Although as you noticed in my previous post...sometimes the nights aren't so fun.)

(Love the facial expressions on these two pictures.)

Here are some highlights about our little guy:

*He loves to smile and he's starting to giggle too
*He loves to be facing out so he can see what's going on around him
*He's now able to sit in his Bumbo seat and loves to watch us while we're eating dinner
*He's not a big fan of his car seat. Lately he cries a lot. I think it's because he's facing the back and has no one to interact with. The older boys are in the 3rd row.
*He's getting pretty good about falling asleep on his own. I've got to get him fairly drowsy first by rocking him.
*He's taking naps and sleeping in his crib most of the time. Unless I'm off taking the kids somewhere.
*His neck muscles are pretty strong now. He does pretty well on his tummy and is pretty content for several minutes if I prop him on his tummy with the boppy under him.
*Kellen loves to call him "baby Curren".

Curren is such a sweetie and he really loves his big brothers. It's so cute to see all of them interact with each other. The older boys always love to play with him while he's on his play mat. They love to touch him and pick out his clothes.

Happy 3 month birthday baby Curren, we love you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

12:30am, 2am, 3:23am and 5am

What do all these times have in common? Those were the times Curren decided to wake up last night! I think last night was the worst night he slept since he was born. And it especially sucked because the previous two nights he had been sleeping from 9:30-3am straight and then from 3:30am-6:30am. What gives?

Oh and to make matters worse? I heard the older boys scurrying around the house with a flashlight in tow at 5:45am. And if that's not bad enough, Rick's out of town until tomorrow afternoon. So I get to be "on shift" 24/7 for the next two days. Yeah!

Ugh, I have to admit this is the part I dislike most about never know what kind of night you're going to get. All day today I keep repeating my mantra over the last 3 months, "This is the last one, I'll get through it, this is the last one, I'll get through it."

Here's hoping to a better nights' sleep tonight. It can only get better right?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall festivities

Here are some highlights of what we've been doing over the last two weeks:

A preschool in Castle Rock holds their annual Fall Festival which we attended last year and had a blast. So we decided to go again. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for it so everything was moved inside. Not quite as much fun, but I think overall the kids had a good time. (My mother-in-law was visiting that week too so if nothing else she and I had a good time picking out what goodies to buy....not so good for the Weight Watchers diet I'm on.) Oh ya, and Rick and I actually got to go out to dinner too! A nice bonus...and without any kids!

Aidan getting his face painted like Batman and Kellen watching in anticipation. (Kellen has to be just like his big brother...ain't that cute?)

See what I mean? Kellen always asks, "What Aidan gonna have or do?"

Like brother and brother. Too bad Curren is too young, he'd look just as cute.

Our neighbors held a Halloween bucket decorating party which we also attended. All the neighborhood kids (those living on our cul-de-sac) dressed up and attended. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast seeing what each other wore and decorating their buckets. Of course our neighbor's went ABOVE and BEYOND...buying all the buckets, decorations, pizza, treats. (Lynnea, our neighbor is attending a cake decorating class and decorated her cupcakes and cakes herself. Amazing.)

For all you Star Wars fans, we've got a Darth Vader and Jango Fett, then Curen is the little pumpkin. (In case you couldn't tell:)

Little Curren wearing the same costume Aidan wore when he was 3 mos. old.

Darth Vader, Jango Fett, Bumblebee Transformer and Speed Racer

Didn't I tell you our neighbor is Minnie Mouse?

Wow! Don't those look awesome? They were a big hit with the mouths, teeth and all. And to top it off? The cake part was about festive.

The finished product. Now they are ready for some serious trick-or-treating. I can't even begin to imagine how many bags of candy I need to buy this year. Can anyone say kids? And lots of them in our neighborhood.

The 3 brothers, my babies!

Friday, October 10, 2008

One of the 3 cutest kids...

Need I say more? Of course I am a little biased, right?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kellen's field trip...more pumpkins

Some sweet pictures of Kellen on his field trip to the Castle Rock Gift & Garden. A cute "mom and pop" type nursery which hosts a small, but cute pumpkin patch for those not wanting to venture out of Castle Rock.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Anderson Farms - The Pumpkin Patch

What's fall with kids if you don't go to a pumpkin patch right? So Saturday afternoon we headed off with our friends The Jones family to Erie, CO in Northern Colorado which hosts a HUGE pumpkin patch. Rick and I weren't sure if it would be as great as Useugi Farms in Gilroy, but it was pretty dang good. It's a lot bigger and more stuff, but I do have a special place in my heart for Useugi:) Plus it doesn't have a train to ride on.
Anyway, here are some pictures of our trip. BTW, we take a tractor ride out to a real pumpkin patch. You actually have to pick your own pumpkins. Kind've cool, but it's harder to find good pumpkins that way.

In front of the smelly goat cage
On top of the hay bale maze - this was a blast for the kids.
Emily with little Ava
Riding on the trike track. The boys loved this (even though Aidan was a little big) and spent a lot of time here.

On the wagon getting ready to head to the pumpkin patch
Brandt, Tanner, Emily and Ava Jones
Searching for pumpkins
Two little pumpkins for two little pumpkins.
All of us together picked out 5 pumpkins. 3 of them made it back to the farm:). The two in the above picture did not:(
All in all a fun day. We missed out on the corn maze, but there is a corn maze closer to home I plan to take the two younger boys to with our neighbors while all the preschool kids are on a fall break. Stay tuned....