Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Although the official Thanksgiving weekend is not over I figured I'd better post our pics before I run out of time prepping for our trip to Disneyworld.

Rick took wednesday off so we putzed around the house in the morning (mainly getting it clean before the big food feast day) and then headed just south of us to an open space hiking trail we discovered when I was preggers with Curren. Although it was muddy and ICY we had a great time hiking the part of the trail we could safely cruise on. We were bummed we didn't reach the top, but there was too much ice.

Turkey day was great and low-key. Rick took the older boys to the park, took Aidan on a muddy bike ride on the hill behind our house and we feasted and feasted and feasted with my mom, step-dad and sis. We were really missing Rick's family who've made it for TG that last two years we've been here, but we're keeping our fingers crossed they'll be here next year.

Later in the evening our neighbors called to tell us they were going to have a "lighting ceremony" in their cul-de-sac. Both neighbors really decorated their houses and it looks phenomenal. (My camera's battery died so I was unable to get pictures that evening.) They even topped off the event with hot chocolate, and roasted s'mores by their makeshift fire. What could be better? Well, for me it was the pie waiting at home.

On friday we DID NOT partake in the crazy black friday shopping deals. I think we were one of the only families who did not venture near a shopping center. When we did travel outside our housing community I couldn't believe all the traffic and how full the outlet mall was. Hope all of you who went shopping found some awesome deals.

Saturday my mom and step-dad took out us to breakfast, yummo! Rick finished putting up our lights (on the section of our house he can reach with a ladder), the kids played outside, had their neighborhood friends over and we played at the park and froze our booty's off. Hey, the kids had fun and they wore off some of their extensive energy so that's what mattered.

A pretty low-key weekend, but that's just the way I like it. Especially when we have a big trip to get ready for. Stay tuned for an update on our trip to Walt Disneyworld. Can't wait! I hope I don't forget anything.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HalloOoOoOweEeEen and the big snowstorm

As many of you already know or may have heard on the news (if you don't live here in CO) we had a massive snowstorm 3 days before Halloween. Yippee! Sort've, that is. The kids were excited because that meant no school for 3 whole days! And while Curren napped, I took Aidan and Kellen to our sledding hill. What could be more fun than sledding on a snow day? I remember as a kid loving it! They would close one of our outlet streets which was perfect for sledding. And what could be better than sledding once you come inside? Hot chocolate, which once again the kids had plenty.

Now for the big meltdown. We're expected to see some 60+ degree temps this week, woo-hoo! I wonder what November will be like?

Now on to Halloween. And what a jammed filled weekend of activities. Friday I was planning on taking the kiddos to Trick-or-Treat on the Street in downtown Castle Rock. I really love taking the kids to downtown, it's just fun seeing all the other kiddos dressed up and it just reminds me what a family-friendly town we live in. However, with all the snow I wasn't sure how easy it would be to manuever the stroller so I opted not to take them this year, bummer:(. But that same evening was our ward's Trunk-or-Treat night/Chili cook-off. Chili was yummo! (Thanks Annie if you're reading this) and the trunk-or-treating was a blast for the kids. Just what we needed though, more candy. All in all it was a great night! (Thanks Jones family for all the planning you put into our ward activity.)
Saturday, we spent the day hanging out, throwing snowballs, decorating our driveway in sidewalk chalk with Halloween designs (pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, etc) and carving our thawed out pumpkins. That's right, they were frozen from sitting on our porch during the snowstorm. Then around dinner time we headed over to our neighbor's house for some pizza before heading out to trick-or-treat. Rick took the two older boys out while I manned the door. Unfortunately, Kellen is going through a little phase and became too scared of the decorations to continue trick-or-treating so he came home early. (At least he was perfectly happy about it.) And then once Rick and Aidan came home we headed over to some other neighbor's house for an after trick-or-treating party. Great times had by all!

Kellen next to his pumpkin

Aidan next to his pumpkin

Curren next to his pumpkin

The kids in the 'hood enjoying their pizza before trick-or-treating
Luigi and Mario, I mean Kellen and Aidan

Our little monkey - Curren

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating!

Now what to do with all the candy we have! I have two bags full of candy I plan to donate to the troops. (I heard a dentist is collecting it, a $1/lb. to send overseas.) And then I'll try to be a nice mommy and let the kids have their fill for the week before I get rid of the rest.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now on to Turkey Day...can't wait! Our countdown to Walt Disney World has begun. 32 days to go!