Friday, January 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Aidan experienced his first Pinewood Derby. And wow! Can't believe the whole thing is SUCH a big deal. It's cool and fun and all, but seriously some parents (aka dad's) really take the whole thing a tad too seriously. Just google pinewood derby and you'll see what I mean.

Weighing down the car

Being two totally clueless parents on this whole event we had to search the internet, borrow a dremmel and make due with our limited resources. Aidan's car looked pretty cool I think, but once again clueless parents that we are didn't know there were some tricks to make the wheels perform better than Aidan's did. Kind've a bummer, but thankfully Aidan wasn't too bummed he came in dead last, yep that's right, dead last. He still received a ribbon and certificate. He handled his loss like a gentleman!

Getting ready to press the button to start the race

Each child's car participated in 4 heats and finally before the 4th heat they allowed us to mess around with Aidan's car and wheels and he finally came in second. What a bummer we didn't know that sooner. Oh well, there's always next year.

Christmas....a really past due post

New Christmas pj's and leaving cookies for Santa.
Yeah, yeah I know, Christmas has come and gone. However, I haven't sat down to blog about our Christmas until now so all of you reading this get to re-live our moments now. (And probably reminince about yours.)
My sister-in-law Susie and her hubby Ryan arrived late Christmas Eve and stayed over the weekend. We had a great time with them and I know the kiddos loved having their "other" auntie and uncle around.

Curren's stash - frankly he was content playing with the first present he opened up.

Aidan's stash

Kellen's stash

As you can see, Christmas Morn - was all about the kids
Later that morning my mom and step-dad arrived and we had a very enjoyable, yet low-key Christmas. Food was good, company was good, life IS good.
I wanted to take Susie and Ryan to the mountains somewhere and was thinking of taking them to Breckenridge, but thankfully Rick reminded me traffic would probably be a nightmare on I-70 so we opted to take them to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. Great choice. Love those places. And even though we didn't stay for a long time we had a great time walking around town and venturing into one of the most beautiful parks.