Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cabo 2010

As most of you know already, Rick and I just returned from a great week down in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico. Our vacay was just what we both needed. Time away from the kids and time spent together. Last time we took a trip like this, Aidan was 2 1/2! It was a week of doing a lot of relaxing by the pool and eating a lot of great food. Didn't bother to weigh myself when I returned. I seriously don't want to know how much weight I probably gained. Brought my workout clothes, but didn't workout either. How pathetic huh?

(pretty much what I did all week)

(Cabo Bello beach - where our friend Brett lives. His daughter, Leah, latched on to Rick. I guess she's the daughter he never had.)
We originally stayed at a resort called Casa Dorada on Medano beach along the Sea of Cortez. It's one of the few beaches where you can swim and participate in water sports. Elsewhere along the coast (either the Pacific side or Sea of Cortez side there are massive shore breaks or undertides which prevent swimming). Surfing is a yes. We actually saw some friends from Cali who came down to Cabo for a surfing trip.

(Casa Dorada - view from our room)
Anyway, Casa Dorada is nice although it's right behind two beachfront restaurants so it's pretty loud. The pool water was ice cold so I never got further than getting my feet wet...kind've a bummer. Awesome views of Land's End and super close to town.

(Land's End - southern most tip in Baja - view from our room)

Besides lounging by the pool and eating at some great restaurants we also went snorkeling a couple of times at Chilenos Beach. The first time, on Monday was PERFECT! Tons and tons of fish, water temp just right (actually warmer than at our resort pool) and perfect sunny weather. We also tried snorkeling on Thursday, but there was too much of a surge so not as good. I actually never went in that time since we both kind've figured it wouldn't be great because of the surf report we received from our buddy Brett. Great day for surfing, not so for snorkeling. Oh well. One great day is better than none!

(Chileno's beach - great place for snorkeling)
Since Rick and I never go to movies anymore we also saw two while there! Clash of the Titans and Ironman 2. (We had a date night with Brett and Sherri and saw Ironman 2 with them.)

On Wednesday we headed up to San Jose del Cabo (about a 20 minute drive north of Cabo san Lucas) to visit Brett at the new resort he works at. It's called Cabo Azul. It was a FABULOUS resort, CA owned and finally a perfect place for Rick and I to decide to purchase a place there. Well, truly it's like a timeshare, but works on a point system. We were also able to stay there one night and loved it. Once again, happy with our purchase. It'll be great when we bring the kids down too because it has a full kitchen and the rooms are large and spacious.

(Cabo Azul - view of the pools to the beach. They are all really warm and not chlorinated - saline instead.)

(architect rendering of Cabo Azul)

(kitchen - Cabo Azul)

(living area - Cabo Azul)

(bedroom - Cabo Azul)

Wednesday afternoon on our way back to Cabo we stopped off near Zippers (a surf spot) and found our Cali friends. 13 guys all met in Cabo for a long weekend of surfing. It was great seeing them and it looked like they were having a great time too.

(Our buddy Shaun - friend from Cali)
Oh and did I mention I got the most relaxing 80 minute massage? It was heavenly! Just what the doctor ordered. Wish I could get a massage once a week!
Any of you considering a nice getaway, go to Cabo. It's close, convenient, and not crazy crowded like Cancun. The only bummer, the locals have finally realized what a great destination they have and it's reflected in their food prices. Yikes! Eating there used to be such a good bargain, not anymore! Oh well, it was only a matter of time.