Thursday, April 30, 2009

9 months!

Last Saturday Curren turned 9 months old. I know I say this everytime, but where does the time go? I can't believe in 3 months he'll be a year old and officially a toddler.

Here are some stats:

Wt. - 23lbs. 3 oz - 85% (Kellen is our biggest so far)
Ht. - 29 1/4 in. - 80% (Curren is our longest so far)
HC - 18 1/4 in. - 75% (what can I say? We're a family of big heads!)

Curren isn't crawling yet. I expect that to come in a couple of months because both his big brothers didn't crawl until they were 11 months old.

He definitely can manuever himself around on his tummy and on his bum. I've put him down and look back at him a few minutes later and notice he's facing the opposite direction.

He's a happy little boy and loves, loves, loves attention. Last Sunday at church his little buddy (who was born a day before him) got down on the ground, turned to look at him and he just cackled! It was so cute. So what to do? She crawls right over to him and starts playing with his toys.

We just love this little guy! Happy 9 months baby Curren!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The biggest storm of the season!

Wow talk about a storm! We received about 24 inches in 48 hours and after enjoying a California style winter. Can't wait to see the beauty this storm leaves behind. (All the lush green grass, hills, flowers....)

Look at how much snow in just 24 hours!
Rick shaking some snow off our branches. Heavy wet snow not good for wee little branches.

Our neighbor clearing out our cul-de-sac with his ATV. Cul-de-sacs are the last to be plowed.

Thankfully our other neighbor helped Rick clear our driveway for the umpteenth time!

Having fun in the snow.

A couple of guys and their son were out joy riding and got stuck. What were they thinking? It provided some good Saturday evening entertainment.
More neighbors coming out to see what's going on. Rick went out to see if they needed any help, but our neighbor down the street drove up in his mighty Ford Excursion. Ford vs. Chevy...uh oh!
It took a while, but the Ford finally got the Chevy out. Free at least!
Now the meltdown begins. We're expecting 70+ degree temperatures next week. Can you say mud? Or shall we say muddy children?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahhh, spring!

I just love the transitional seasons and now that it's spring I'm in heaven. Even if that means we're getting late season snowfalls. It just means a more beautiful spring. Umm, let's see what have we been doing over the past few weeks? Here are some pictures to show you:

Coloring Easter eggs

My cuties in their Easter outfits

Our neighborhood Eggstravaganza. You can't tell in this picture, but the weather was pretty crappy. It was AMAZINGLY windy (you always know a weather system is coming in when it's windy) and cold. The eggstravaganza was supposed to be at a park, but the eggs kept blowing away so they moved it at the last minute to our "cabana club/community center", but Rick said it ended up being so unorganized. Oh well, the kids left with baskets full of eggs.

A family in our ward got 6 male calves from the dairy farm. (Male calves aren't too popular there since they don't produce milk.) She invited us and another family to come to the 4:30pm feeding. I thought, "What a great opportunity for the kids. When are they going to have a chance to milk a baby cow?" And it was a cool experience, but a lot more work than I thought. The calves were only 5 days old, but man are they big (as big as Kellen) and strong. And BOSSY. The mom told us they butt you so you have to push or kick back. Thankfully I had Curren in my Ergo and ended up milking one of the calves while Kellen hid and giggled behind me. Poor Aidan tried his hardest to milk another calf, but it was pretty hard to hold the bottle (especially if you don't know how to hold one properly) and I couldn't help him. He ended up stopping midway and the mom from our ward who owns the calves took over. See, us city slickers can learn a thing or two about taking care of farm animals! On the way home I told the boys what they plan to do with the calves once they are older. A bit of a surprise, but now they truly know where hamburgers and steak come from. I'm seriously interested in going in with a few other families to buy a portion of the meat. It'll be so much fresher and probably a lot healthier buying the meat from them rather than the grocery store. Lots of people do that here. Buy a 1/4 of a cow and get a load of meat. (Of course it's already divided up into certain cuts.)

Giving a bottle to two at the same time, wow! She had to take over Aidan's feeding.
He's already a pro! (His mom is the one who invited us over.)

Aidan trying very hard to not have to push a calf away.

I truly wish I had gotten a picture of Aidan milking the calf. I just didn't have enough hands.