Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekend Excursions

Now that Kellen is all better and Curren is getting older I'm getting that itch to start exploring the great state of Colorado.

Evergreen, CO

This past weekend we stayed local, but still enjoyed our outings immensely. Saturday we headed up to the foothills between the towns of Morrison and Evergreen and hiked some great trails. We didn't do anything extensive, but stayed along the creek trail which made the older boys very happy. What could be more fun than throwing rocks into water, especially rushing water. Afterwards we drove over to Evergreen and walked along the lake. Such beautiful scenery.

Lair 'O The Bear park - near Morrison, CO

Sunday, we completely spaced on stake conference and didn't start getting ready for church until it was too late so we decided to head up to Denver and check out the sights. We headed over to one of Denver's numerous parks and one of its best - Washington Park. Or as it's known by the locals - Wash Park. What an absolutely fabulous and HUGE park. There's a lake, (a couple smaller lakes) plenty of greenspace, paved trails, a playground, old bathhouses, a small botanic garden, etc., etc., etc.

We rode one of those 4 wheeled bikes, which the kids thought were so fun. The guy told us we'd have time to ride around the park twice, but since Rick and I had to do most of the pedaling we opted for one time around. After leaving the park we drove around town and discovered all the hip areas people talk about. Can't wait to go back and do some more exploring. Love Denver! It feels so much less intimidating than SF that's for sure! Although I love SF too.
Wash Park - Denver, CO